Seating plans

Seating configurations to suit your conference style

Victoria Hall has capacity for almost all conference table and seating configurations. Whether it be theatre/auditorium, U shape, classroom or cluster it can be arranged. See the configurations below to see which arrangement suits your conference style.

The U-Shape

The U-Shape is one of the most popular of seating arrangements for groups of up to 50 participants. It features a series of rectangular tables set up in the shape of the block "U" with chairs set all around the outside perimeter. Seating is usually on the outside of the U, but it's possible to seat Participants on both inside legs of the U.


“Clusters” is the setup of choice for small team, work group and committee meetings. Moreover, it is ideal for small breakout or study groups that require a lot of group interaction, discussion and/or note taking. "Clusters" can be set up using rectangular or round tables. Seating may be 6, 8 or 10 people per table depending on number of delegates.

Classroom style

In the Classroom-style setup, participants are seated in rows of tables placed facing the front. Long, Narrow tables are lined up in a row, one behind the other on each side of center aisle with chairs facing head table. The tables usually abut one another. This is an excellent setup for between 10 and 150 participants. It is ideal in a teaching format, or where there will be a number of speakers, panel discussion(s) and/or extensive note taking. Classroom-style is the best setup for situations in which the presenter is expected to do most of the talking and/or participants must take notes. It is not the preferred setup for encouraging conversation.

 Auditorium/Theatre style

"Auditorium-style" or "Theater-style" setup simulates the layout of a theater or auditorium and is the arrangement of choice for groups of 150 or more. Tiered seating facing the front with no tables is the ideal setup if you're featuring a number of speakers, a performance, elaborate audiovisuals, panel discussion(s) and/or if you want to maximize the space in a room. It is best used when participants take on the characteristics of an audience (i.e.,listening to a speaker, watching a slide presentation). This design maximizes seating capacity and allows audiences to be closer to the speaker(s). This setup is ideal where two way conversation is minimal. It is not recommended for taking notes for getting group interaction or conversation Tiered seating may be extended with stall style seating in front if the conference has a large number of delegates. The stage may also be used for speakers and projection screen if so desired.

Have your own style? A seating plan that you don't see here? then contact us on 01535 618533 or email to discuss your seating style.